She does this every year as a tribute to her beloved dog

Toshima’s senior dog, Miura, spends each winter in an igloo built by his Japanese owner, Miura.

When I first saw him, I thought he looked like a soft, huggable teddy bear. It all began when Koo was only a few months old, and it’s still going strong now!.

She’s had a steady friend named Koo since she was three months old.

Toshimi decided to build a snow house for his dog because of the recent snowstorm. Things are really like this.

Koo didn’t care what the weather was like outside; he preferred to spend his time in the igloo.

Using a blanket and a few candles, the dog’s owner keeps him warm when it’s too cold to let him go outside.

For the occasion, Ku decided to dress like a bear and take a photo with a friend. It’s as though the photographers who captured these images of him were in a state of trance.

Thank you very much for keeping this beautiful and wonderful tradition alive!

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