Seven fireman spouses in the same area all became pregnant at once

Is it a freak of nature, a coincidence, or just destiny playing a practical joke? In the United States, in the town of Salisbury, locals have this same question.

Almost immediately, word got out that numerous spouses of North Carolina Fire Department workers were expecting babies at the same time.

It’s a running joke amongst the people, who are all curious to know which of the ladies will give birth first.Brianna Mitchell used to work with the people whose families the government wants them to expand.

Two spouses of fire department guys she knew had just found out they were expecting via their husbands’ Facebook updates.

The lady recalled their shared workdays and proposed setting up a picture session for expectant mothers.

They accepted joyfully, and while they were getting ready they shared the news with Brianna that several of their friends were also expecting.

It turns out that the buddies are all spouses of firemen. Six of the seven spouses were also working the same shift.

The news really floored the photographer. All the surviving females were invited to a complimentary photoshoot by Brianna. The lady hurried to her camera to record one of the most precious and heartwarming moments of her life.

With the consent of the models, the resultant photographs were shared on a private Instagram account. Brianna was eager to disseminate them to her fan base.

The members of this social media platform were ecstatic to see the results of a unique photoshoot. That’s only a sample of the images. They’re weird looking, to say the least.

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