See what this adorable creature wanted for Christmas this year

An charity that helps pets with disabilities has given Tedy a custom-made wheelchair so that he can go about on his own.

Prior to getting this present, Tedy had been having difficulty moving about.  The little kid was born with the aid of his parents. hydrocephalus.

The tiny guy’s misfortune was discovered by the assistance desk and they agreed to take care of him until he could find a new home.

A wheelchair made especially for Tedy’s low size was fitted to him by Pets members who flew down to Florida to meet him.

Tedy was able to get the wheelchair with some guidance from the group and is now able to stand and walk by himself.

Her hope is that the progress Tedy has achieved in such a short period of time will inspire others.

People who desire to aid animals with specific needs will be enthused by this. A thankful and loving heart like a puppy you’ve saved is rare, he remarked.

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