Romanian Tibetan Mastiffs are considered by dog enthusiasts throughout the world to be the most gorgeous dogs on the planet

Xeno, a puppy from China, has arrived. People from all around the globe have called him «the most beautiful dog in the world.

A native of Romania, Xeno was born there. The world’s most beautiful dog was born almost four years ago.

Following his victory as the Globe’s Best Dog, Xeno’s owners took him on an international tour, where he amassed 400 awards in a variety of shows.

Its temperament has little to do with its vast size, though.

One of the most kind and outgoing characters in the game. The owners cherish it as though it were a valuable family relic.

Dogs are the ones that spend the most on food, toys, and grooming supplies. The owner also wants a copy of the tree from which the original Xeno was cut.

This deed’s objective is not quite obvious, although the owner seems to have a better grasp of it.

Not to mention, the dog is thrilled to have his own copy. What you’re seeing now is completely unique. It’s always amusing to see how nature tries to surprise us.

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