Ricky, the dog in question, is the protagonist of this tale. A lot of people seem to be interested in this

]This story’s unusual setting has contributed to its meteoric rise in online popularity.

The wedding of any two people is usually an event they will never forget. In the presence of their family and friends, Joshua and Sofia Coleman knew that Ricky would be unable to miss their wedding.

They had never seen him do such a simple job before. The story is revealed. Ricky the kid has been there for her ever since she first met him.

When Sofia was ultimately drawn into the tale of a small rescue dog, his arrival in the next act was crucial and meaningful to both of them.

The tiny puppy was thus chosen to be the ring bearer.

The next stage was to give him a dashing appearance; a suit and skinny tie suited his own style.

To put it simply, she was adorable. Managers had locked him in the bridal room after his shift ended, but he had sneaked out to see his «parents» at the after-party.

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