Resilient as a queen bee A 45-year-old lady stuns the public by walking about naked, covered only by 12,000 bees

In other words, be ready to have your mind blown. Sarah Mapelli Tink, 45 years old, «blew up» the Internet with her photographs.

Some users have dubbed her the «lady» or «queen of bees,» respectively. She doesn’t wear clothing since she has 12,000 insects covering her.

I don’t understand why she’s acting this way.Naturally, it has a freakish and ominous appearance. Sarah is certain that bees have curative and life-extending powers.

Unusual interest for a woman born in 2001. She claims that she can harness a unique energy produced by the bees. Sarah finds that listening to the bees enables her to calm down and focus her mind.

Sarah is stung by insects, but as you probably guessed, this doesn’t bother her one bit. The unexpected interest is met with considerable opposition from the general public.

Sarah decided to make a program out of her daily meditations, so she filmed it. She dances for the crowd after smearing herself with insect-attracting oil before each show.

Everything unfolds in slow motion to soothing music. Sarah claims she can achieve enlightenment while dancing.

The female protagonist is certain that this unique vibe is transferred to the audience. Therefore, in Sarah’s opinion, patrons always depart in a good attitude.

Fans of Sarah may be found in every corner of the globe. It’s expected that thousands of people will show out to see the Dance with the Bees in person.

You wouldn’t know Sarah isn’t even wearing a tank top because to how closely the bees are clinging to her body. Quite a few people take this very seriously since they think it’s an authentic piece of art.

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