Please welcome the cute, friendly, and reminiscent of cuddly Siberian farm cats

t’s a common misconception that everyone loves cats. To a lesser extent, they need cats. To a certain extent, they like being the focus of attention—but only when it benefits them.

Their actions prove that. They desire freedom to do what they want, when they want, and they strive toward this goal relentlessly.

Pet ownership of these critters is widespread. Two Siberians are a great example of a cat-loving relationship.

Not content with only farming, in their spare time they also care for exquisite Siberian farm cats. The pair often brags that their cat population is in the millions.

The cats seemed content to use the chicken coop as their home. They’re lucky to have such well-cared-for pets.

Every need for happiness and contentment in their lives has been meticulously crafted by them. The greatest quality of these cats is the happiness and fun they provide to their owners.

They are usually seen traveling in packs. As soon as something threatens their turf, they immediately go into defense mode.

Both amusing and inquisitive, they make for great company. Have you ever seen a Siberian cat in your life? Super, huh?

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