An orphaned gorilla yearns to be cuddled by her newfound protector
Volunteers at a Cameroonian wildlife reserve filmed the moving footage. The newborn gorilla, abandoned
Is there a special way a Chinese master does yoga with a canine partner?
Secrett, an Australian shepherd, has become something of an internet celebrity. Marie, a master
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This particular stork exemplifies the devoted nature of the species.Two decades ago, he flew
When the man discovered a stray puppy, he carried him to his car, and it smiled nonstop
This lovely dog was rescued while he walked the streets of New York twelve
A man decides to adopt a terminally ill dog so that the animal can live out its days in comfort
A particular man took in the dog with brain tumors. He wished for the
The cat somehow survived being run over by a bus
After being hit by a bus and presumed dead for four years, a stray
It’s a thrill for tigers that have spent their whole lives in captivity to finally be allowed to swim
When a pair of rescued tigers were freed from the zoo for the first
Romanian Tibetan Mastiffs are considered by dog enthusiasts throughout the world to be the most gorgeous dogs on the planet
Xeno, a puppy from China, has arrived. People from all around the globe have
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This is the tale of a canine hero who saved the life of a
There is a bull snake moving over a terrace in Dorset
It was at this moment that Leo saw the reptile sprawled over his deck
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