Over the course of twenty years, this scuba diver has maintained regular contact with his closest aquatic companion

Domesticated animals like dogs, cats, and puppies, as well as other sorts of animals like horses, are common examples of the ties that people create with non-humans.

But have you ever thought about the possibility that there are really human-fish hybrids, and that this possibility is entirely real?

The unexpected and moving bond that had evolved between the diver and the fish shocked onlookers but left them with inspiring ideas about the value of friendship.

It’s common knowledge at this time that the invaluable bond between them goes back more than two decades. Nobody would believe this unlikely relationship if they tried.

Two decades ago, a diver became entrusted with the duty of protecting a sacred location at the bottom of the ocean.

A miracle was waiting for him right in the center of the sacred place.

The sailor kept coming back to the sacred location, perhaps in quest of some ineffable quality that could only be found there.

It was also crucial since he found a dear friend there whom he had no other hope of tracking down.

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