Onlookers, stop and stare, you’ve never seen something like this before: Miley Cyrus’s sister was seen in Paris wearing a simple necklace that accentuated her breasts

She had early and widespread success as a public figure. Noah Cyrus, age 2, has started starring on soap operas like his famous country musician dad, Bill Ray Cyrus.

More than that, Noah made many cameos in his sister Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana film.

In spite of his father’s acting success, Cyrus Jr. appeared more interested in pursuing a career in music. 17-year-old Noah was already cranking out smash songs.

Both Cyrus’s father and sister, who both dabbled in acting before giving it up, were gifted singers.

That’s not all Noah and his sibling share, either. The sisters have a lot in common, including a love of fashion and an eccentric sense of style that often causes others to stare.

As a result, Noah Cyrus stepped up to the annual Paris Fashion Week in a stylish, figure-hugging, low-cut dress that revealed the singer’s breasts.

The Hollywood actress didn’t want to be too plain, so she wore a thick black chain that was very revealing of her nipples.

Noah’s prior observation that he didn’t have eyebrows served to accentuate his expression. Cyrus did seem sickly because of his bleached skin and artificially augmented cheekbones.

Neither the eventgoers nor the people browsing the web were very fond of the singer’s likeness.In their opinion, it was totally out of place.

She should cover her breasts, «She looks ill, very disgusting,» and «She confused fashion week with a bar» were some of the comments made by internet users.

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