One of the best cat dads in the world is Zorro, and Bandit is his doppelganger kitten

Meet Zorro, a handsome young man named after the mythical masked figure. He just became a parent, and now he has a little one of his own to play with.

Cats are a big part of Indraini Wahyudin Noor’s life. One cat, though, has captured his heart and become his best friend.

Despite the comics’ claims to the contrary, it is easy to identify this cat as the one lurking behind the mask.

Boy is the name of this cat. On the other hand, for obvious reasons, he’s known as Zorro on social media.

As a result, he became the father of a large number of kittens. One of his children stood out, though, since he had his father’s striking looks.

The kitten, dubbed Bandit after his father, also sports a mask and a hat. That is the reason behind the kitten’s name.

It’s no surprise that a kitty with this look has become a social media sensation. People are unable to walk by this adorable feline.

TikTok videos of a father and his kid rapidly become viral.This adorable masked father and son combination has millions of fans worldwide.

This is despite the fact that these two cats are wearing masks and attempting to disguise their identities on the Internet.

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