One of her children recently said, «I feel so alone,» and the mother of numerous children shared her sentiment

She is 97 years old as of this writing.

However, this isn’t always possible, and contemporary life’s hectic pace drives the most crucial effects into the background, leading to a plague that gnaws at many senior people worldwide: solitude.

A 97-year-old Mexican grandma, Isabel Méndez Jiménez, has grown used to the difficulties of living on a poor ranch as her children and grandkids have grown up and moved away.

Having 16 kids has made me even more of an introvert than I always was. There were 8 guys and 8 women in the group. As a result of their marriage and subsequent divorce, she felt duped.

After interacting with folks from other cities, my children disappeared. The opposite is true for me; I am an isolated person who must learn to survive on my own.

Mexican journalist Jaime Toral followed the woman about as she posted about her day on social media so that her children may see her encouraging comments to them.

The lady says she lost her husband suddenly to sickness when she was 33, but that she is not as sad now that she is alone as she was before.

The woman depends on tablecloth textile sales to make ends meet, but her eyesight is fast worsening and she will soon be entirely blind. Her cats and little puppy accompany her throughout the day.

According to the interview, she has a diverse palette, enjoying everything from cheese to steak. Her TikTok video was seen over 37 million times, and many people volunteered to help after viewing it.

We hope she receives the therapy she needs and, more significantly, that one of her children returns to be at her side through the long days.

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