One day, a young guy saves a cat from the streets, and their lives will never be the same

Mark Nelson once traveled to the Philippines to unwind and pay a visit to an old buddy.On a visit to a friend, Mark learned about his daughter’s life.

The child enthusiastically reported that she had been to the seashore, where she had seen a pack of large dogs attacking two helpless kittens.

She did not cower from the canines and successfully chased them off. It’s true that the dogs bit both babies, but the second one got away.

The tale moved Mark, so he went in search of the rescued kitty.

A baby was waiting for him on the beach when he arrived with his friend’s daughter. The young guy held the kitten for a few hours, waiting for the mother to arrive and get him.

The cat, however, failed to materialize. The man thus brought the bunny with him and gave her the name Nala.

Mark lacked experience with cats and had no idea how to care for one. He thus made haste to get the infant to a doctor. The doctor has recommended a certain vitamin and kitten formula.

Nala isn’t quite as itty-bitty anymore, but she still loves spending time with her owner and playing and sleeping on her. Mark would be very miserable without his fluffy companion.

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