Once mocked for his odd nose, he is now a sought-after model

Justin Stewart’s nose is one of a kind. Fronto-nasal dysplasia was identified as the underlying cause of the symptoms.

The form of Justin Stewart’s nose is one of a kind. The condition was brought on by frontofacial-nasal dysplasia.

Stuart was anxious and withdrawn. He was really insecure about how he looked. He avoided the mirror whenever he could.

He had only his mother’s unwavering love and encouragement during this ordeal. As she raised her kid, she remarked on how unusual Justin’s nose was.

Imagine his shock when a modeling agency contacted him over Instagram offering him a position on the set. He agreed to their terms and signed a contract.

Awkward and uncomfortable, the man felt uneasy in front of the cameras.

Stewart’s images, however, caught the attention of large corporations. The man was offered a better contract and a position in New York.

Justin claims the thought never even occurred to him. This once-up-and-coming talent is now employed by industry heavyweights like as Adidas, Wrangler, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Rather of spending his hard-earned cash, Justin plans to use it into his own personal development. Stewart wants to go to college and study public relations and communications.

He didn’t have faith in himself since he was constantly mocked. But the one thing that made Justin feel ashamed ultimately led to his greatest achievements.

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