Nine years after the popular picture of a newborn boy with white hair, here he is

In 2012, something extraordinary happened. Patricia Williams’ third son, Redd, was born with unusually white hair.

The doctors at first thought the child was just blond, but as Redd changed to an alder shade, they realised they were dealing with a genuine albino.

He’s one of a kind and adorable, with his white hair and almond eyes setting him apart.The doctors investigated to identify the affected relative.

They were able to reach a decision, and it turned out that the infant resembled her mother’s grandmother, who was 85 years old.

A snapshot of the grandma and her Indian relatives revealed the shocking revelation.

However, this is not the last chapter.Six years later, the couple had another kid, and this one too suffered from the same condition.

There were two happy and healthy little boys. Fortunately, other from their peculiar white hair, they were completely typical.

The ad companies quickly saw Redd’s potential, and the young model was asked to pose for a number of campaigns.

The parents of Rockwell and Redd can’t help but feel fortunate and proud of their sons, who have become so well-known that strangers often approach them and want to take photographs of them, if it’s all right with the boys.

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