Mountain lion babies were rescued from starvation and dehydration thanks to the quick actions of firemen

In Idyllwild, California, the US Forest Service rescuers squealed in delight. While driving through the countryside, they stumbled saw a lovely cub screaming out to its mother.

A kitten carrier was quickly acquired by responding firefighters.

Baby was still sitting in the same position when they arrived back to the house. Without a trace, his mother had gone missing.

Immediately after discovering the cat’s illness, the boys brought it to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for euthanasia, where it was put to sleep.

San Diego Humane Society was eventually called in to treat the animal. The cat’s estimated age is 14 weeks, according to veterinarians. Newborns typically weigh 11 pounds or less.

Without food or water and just a faint sensation of self-awareness, I was weak and trembling. For the first five weeks, the baby was fed and groomed every day, but he didn’t scream.

According to her doctors, she’s returned to her pre-injury state and is doing well. During the first year of a mountain lion’s existence, the mother and her pups stay together.

Veterinarians in the area characterize them as loving mothers who would never desert their young. When there is no mother, they might take in an orphan.

She is presently being confined in a container with a camera for her own protection.

Several animal welfare specialists recommend keeping a young mountain lion away from people until he or she is at least six months of age.The cat will pay the price as soon as this level of loyalty is released.

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