Mom hopes her TWINS will be role models for other kids by spreading the idea of treating others with kindness and compassion

A year after racial unrest, a mother of mixed-race twins decides to bring them up in the belief that humanity would eventually learn to accept all people with dignity.

In her eyes, they can’t be separated. This is the same girl, but in a different outfit. When Dean first laid eyes on the twins, he almost lost consciousness.

After the tragic loss of their 2-year-old son Pravyn at a daycare, Dean and Meyer made the decision to expand their family with twins.

It seems that Kalani has a soft spot for Meyer’s White son Talan, age seven, whereas Jarani is more like Pravyn. Talan, the older brother, was a regular night reader for his younger sisters.

Despite studies showing that genetics don’t significantly affect how we look, these three females don’t seem to share many physical traits with the twins.

Since we have a natural inclination to overstate our achievements, UCSF medical geneticist Dr. Bryce Mendelsohn thinks this is only the beginning.

The father of Kalani and Jarani also thinks it’s a fantastic plan. He feels bad that he hasn’t given his daughters more of his time.

Ideally, society as a whole would see beyond superficial barriers like skin color.

He succinctly summarized his point by saying, «Love is everything.» Life’s riddles might hold the key to its greatest rewards.

The Meyer-Dean family has been aware of your kind words. These extraordinary young women have the power to revolutionize the way the world perceives color.

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