Mice orphaned by the death of their parents desperately seek help from kind people

Three quite large mice have recently need assistance. They had to rely on themselves to survive in such harsh environment.

As a result, they waited patiently on the ground, hoping to be rescued. Luckily, someone else did, and it wasn’t a moment too soon.

The three orphaned mice were discovered by a kind Stranger who was cleaning out his car and found them hidden on a wooden pallet.  In addition to being cold, they were also ravenous.

The unidentified finder took the rodents to a clinic so they could get medical care. After some rest and regular feeding, the three mice seem to be doing OK.

They are really kept in a small greenhouse where they have access to a wide variety of organic meals.

«They will continue in our rehabilitation program until they are totally self-sufficient and capable of life in the wild,» Kelly said. We will release them back where they were found as soon as we can.

They always seem happy and upbeat. As their impending relocation draws near, they are making the most of their current situation.

While waiting to reach the optimal size, the mice will plan how to maximize their reproductive potential.

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