Luna and Louis are two kittens they couldn’t live without as a pair

The cats were reunited courtesy to the STAR Shelter in Gainesville. Louis, who was the only one in the room, gripped Luna’s arm tightly. They became close and eventually became friends.

James and his girlfriend were unable to bring a puppy home from the shelter despite their best attempts.

We realized we were renting an apartment and worked full-time while hunting for the dog. «Because we’re seldom home, the dogs want extra attention,» James adds.

«As a result, my husband and I have chosen to have a cat. I’ve had cats since I was a youngster, so I’m familiar with their needs.»

«Luna was the one who rushed in and grabbed my partner. We returned to our old place two weeks later. Luna isn’t to be found. Her bed was shared with Louis and a few more feline pals.»

When future foster parents left, they were required to carry a pet with them. Luna couldn’t go out on her own without her best friend at her side.

Then they took Louis away for a little while. Luna, on the other hand, learns things at a breakneck pace. People and cats were required to assist in their separation. They are inseparable and share a close bond.

Louis was warmly welcomed into the family. Friendships formed in paradise can never be broken.These two are attached and spend their evenings snuggling together. «They do everything together,» James says.

Luna and Louis are often seen snuggling near to the Christmas tree. They could spend the whole day snuggling and kissing each other.

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