Loveable raccoon Little Hands has been paying regular visits to his rescuer for years

A tired voice will urge you to «leave it where you found it» if you call the US Animal Rescue Service in early June to report an abandoned animal.

There have been just too many babies reported missing for anybody to have any prospect of finding them all alive. But the story of Little Hands ended quite differently. Along the roadside, Nikki Robinson found a baby raccoon.

Nikki was astonished by the attitude of the emergency workers. Even the most idealistic humans may become jaded while interacting with animals.Nikki wasn’t strong enough yet, and it seemed horrible to abandon the baby to die.

She then delivered him to her mother, who had been pestering her for years to give birth to her grandkids. Little Hands was his nickname.

Nikki’s mom, Linda, has finally developed feelings for the raccoon. Being retired, she now has a great deal of leisure on her hands. She is able to give the infant five bottles a day.

When he was older, Little Hands adopted her as his mother. They didn’t coddle him at first since they knew he’d eventually have to be released into the wild.

For the sake of the stray animals, she took it upon herself to care for them when no one else would. Something was missing in her life, and this has filled that need.

She has no interest in developing intimate relationships with or becoming friends with them since Little Hands is all she need. The fact that she cares for another person, though, gives her life meaning.

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