Look at the lifestyle of this guy who has wed 39 wives and now occupies a 100-room, five-story mansion

Two wives is the typical number of children a man has in an Eastern country, with three being an extreme. Zion Chan, an Indian native and inhabitant, however, disavowed this categorization long ago.

The guy repeated the wedding festivities over and again. A five-story mansion with more than a hundred rooms currently serves as his home for him and his 39 wives.

Zion lives in the heart of Baktwang, a tiny Indian town. The residence is so large that it might be considered a private five-story mansion. Most notably, the Zion family also maintains a farm and a private school for their children.

This turns out to be a true microstate, and not even the tiniest one. Even the home got a moniker from the guy. In the native language, Chhuanthar Run means «New Generation.»

Mr. Chan, who is now 79 years old, has precisely 39 wives. The family currently has 181 children, all of whom are housed together.

This may all seem unbelievable, but Chan has really broken records that have been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The family is headed by the primary woman. Her main responsibility is making sure everyone in the household eats well.

Up to 30 chickens and 60 kilos of potatoes are consumed in only one day by the family of six.Actually, you’re eating at the industrial cafeteria!

Chan has no intentions to slow down, especially now that he wants to have a family.

The government does not go in the way of Zion Chan’s dreams, but they also don’t support him financially. Adult sons take up this responsibility; they all find jobs as carpenters.

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