Look at the dog’s face of despair as we search in vain for his beloved toy

After first viewing a strawberry toy, Marley developed a serious crush on it. It was now time for him to go with his human mother to the store.

He successfully convinced his mother, Martin Hayley, of its importance.

The item took on new significance for him after that, and he kept it for at least another year, until it broke. Martin was the one who told Dodo about it.

Because he felt he needed one, Martin set out to find a new mom.

Ella searched far and low for it, becoming more angry as she looked for a means to thank Marley for the assistance he provides her with on a daily basis in his role as a service dog, but she came up empty-handed.

She even turned to the internet in hopes of finding some assistance in her quest for strawberry-themed playthings.

When she asked about Martin, the staff at the shop where he purchased his first strawberry toy got back to her and gave her his contact information.

Martin was assured that two dog toys would be included in the shipment, but when the delivery finally came, it was completely different from what was advertised.

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