Kittens with unique patterns do well when raised by a family

An animal rescue group sprang into action immediately to aid three beautiful kittens with wonderful hues that resemble three darling tiny cows.The three cats were turned over to a rescue organization after being found.

Because they were only a few days old, the babies needed a lot of attention. They needed to be fed formula from a bottle too.

Sara fostered the kittens until they could find a permanent home where they could get the medical attention they needed.

Their mother decided to put them in a chamber to help them keep warm and to ensure that they would get consistent nourishment.

Without a nursing mother, taking care of the kittens was time-consuming work, but she made short work of it.

The mother provided a variety of comforting toys for the infant to play with, fed and changed the baby many times a day, and kept the infant warm.

As the gorgeous triplets gradually gained on weight, the home became filled with meows from the kittens.

They are ready and willing to put in a lot of work each day to ensure that their short height and early maturity do not prevent them from reaching their full physical potential.

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