Kitten is so grateful for human attention that he doesn’t want to be apart from them for even a second

This sweet peach-colored cat was abandoned. People who lived in the houses next to the refuge caught the cat and brought it there.Volunteer Dina decided to take in the fluffy kitten.

A man named Roy. Right immediately, he established his authority as the head of the home. Having to go about on his paws was something Roy hated more than anything.

He insisted on constant embracing and arm holding. He had to go ahead of everyone else.

When Dina’s husband sat down at the computer to type a few comments to the couple, the cat jumped up onto the keyboard and began strolling over it.

In addition, Dina was taking care of a huge litter of gray kittens. When he was an adult, he and his brothers were given a peach.

Over time, one family «adopted» our young hero. He befriended a canine called Titanic and a feline named Lulu.

In order to distinguish himself from his former identity, Roy legally changed his name to Rue. His natural inquisitiveness flourished. When he’s not there, nothing gets done around the home.

Soon, he grows into a sociable feline that seeks out human affection and delights in being cuddled and stroked.

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