It is absolutely amazing to see this dog’s heartwarming and hilarious reaction when he first sees his mother after she has been away serving in the military

Regardless of how long it has been since they were last together, it is always one of the most endearing and wrenching experiences to see the moment when a dog and his owner are brought together again.

It’s possible that seeing a touching reunion as a spectator may cause you to weep genuine tears.

Jokie, the golden dog, was left without care by her mother for a whole year. Because his owner is in the military and had to report for duty at this time, he was put in kennels until his owner returned.

The dog had been thinking quite a lot about her, and she was looking forward to the day when they would be able to be together again.

The dog, on the other hand, needs to exercise patience and wait for this day to arrive.

After almost a year apart, when his owner finally returned, she presented him with a thoughtful and welcome present. He had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like an eternity.

As soon as Jokie saw her owner, she began leaping up and down and racing in circles with extreme excitement.

The sight of the dog welcoming his owner’s mother with such joy is both heartwarming and reassuring.

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