Isabella, the tabby cat, has a big heart

She and her two cats resided in an apartment in New York City.  When the kittens were born, all three cats gave birth at the same time.

After that, two cats were unable to provide milk for their babies. Isabella took in 14 kittens right away.

When the careless cat owner found he had a «nest» of kittens in his house, he hung his head in shame. Isabella and her litter of kittens were taken in by him.

There should be no municipal shelter for little kittens (there is a high risk that they will be euthanized immediately, since there is no one to look after them).

They took Isabella and her 14 kittens when they heard about her.

Isabella looked like a cat since she was so little. The 14 babies she never abandoned had worn her out, yet she was kind and purred when touched, despite her tiredness and dehydration.

Even with all of Isabella’s responsibilities, her kittens were strong and healthy.

Isabella was able to find solace at a quiet retreat. During the cat’s dehydration, volunteers take care of the kittens

It seems probable that the oldest of the four large kittens is hers. These kittens were capable of self-feeding.

Two more kittens were taken up by our shelter volunteers, leaving Isabella with a total of eight.

Employees at the shelter will never forget Isabella’s arrival, when she was found napping in the middle of a group of 14 malnourished kittens.»She seemed to be a mom in need of some time off.»

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