In this case, the gorgeous Golden Retriever acts as a surrogate father for four adorable rabbit babies, and the five of them are just too sweet together

Here is the story of a golden retriever that became friends with…bunnies.The amusing rabbits have a dog like a father, like a nanny to look after them. In a tragic twist, the children were orphaned, leaving them without a mother.

Because of his kind nature, Goldendoodle Bailey decided to adopt the bunnies and cared for them till they were safe.

Here is Bailey’s father beaming with pride at his new position. In the hands of the bunnies, he is free to do anything he pleases.

As a consequence, the bunnies get exhausted and seek comfort from their father by snuggling closer together.He’s a good guy that you can rely on. And it’s clear that the kids get it.

We believe we’re on the right track, while at the same time giving the dog the honorary status of a true mother — caring, soft, and eternally loving – instead of a dad.

The bunnies have matured into adorable young adults. However, they remain devoted to their canine protector.

His name is Taras, and in an interview, he said that his pet, Bailey, was born with the intention of becoming a celebrity. «He’s a very kind guy, he’s a big fan of everyone, and he’s loved back.»

Bailey and his bunny pals have our warmest wishes for good health, happiness, and the future.

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