In the beginning of the story, the lady picked up a filthy cat, but by the end of the year, the cat was unrecognizable

Kuching, Malaysia-based animal advocate Noor Hamiza Khad was returning home this time last year when she saw a nearby kitty that looked thin and dirty. They enclosed the creature in a display case.

Nur Khamiza took him in and nursed him back to health.

The woman’s cat’s name is Meimei. After six months, Meimei was completely healthy again; the cat had healed, and his once-white and fluffy fur was now pushing back over his body.

After a long time of careful thought, affection, and attention in her new home, she had transformed to the point that no one could recognize her.

Meimei evolved into a gorgeous, squishy, and sturdy cat, quite unlike the misfortunate creature Noor Hamiza had discovered in the city.

She gets along well with her owners, but she usually runs away when others come around. «Meimei is well with us. Most of the time, we think she understands what we’re saying to her.

It’s worth noting that Noor Hamiza, speaking to World of Buzz, is quite perceptive.

Kitty also enjoys the perks of being a pet, such as being cared for five times daily, having her fur combed often, and having her fur cleaned frequently. Meimei is now a happy, healthy member of a loving family.

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