In order to refute common misconceptions about large dogs, a 150-pound Great Dane has shown to be an excellent foster mom for many kittens

There is a wide range of compatibility between cats and dogs: some have no relationship at all, while others become inseparable friends, and still others form a complete family where everyone watches out for one another.

Corbin’s 150-pound Great Dane became a member of a family thanks to street kittens who were temporarily kept by his owner, Karen.

When the fluffy puppies initially arrived in the house, the dog immediately accepted them as his own and helped the owner raise them.

Even putting the kittens to bed was no problem for the dog who kept an eye on the family. Even though he’s a monster in terms of size, Corbin is also one of the most kind and loving creatures on the earth.

As a result, the kittens were able to relax around him since they didn’t fear him. Because the kittens made Corbin so happy, he was pleased to take care of them like his own children.

A lot of people make Corbin nervous. He’s always been that way. In contrast, he was a big fan of other animals like cats and dogs. According to Karen, the owner of Corbin.

As time went by, each of the kittens found a forever home, and the dog was forced to bid his foster youngsters farewell.

Even though his owner helps stray animals find homes on a regular basis, Corbin never leaves his job as the little girl’s pet nanny and looks after all the kittens and pups she finds in her house.

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