In order to create their dream landscape, a couple invested over 21 years and approximately $2 million on reforesting a desert

Samwell has a huge heart and is a considerate and kind person. Before moving to the city, he lived in the state’s heavily wooded interior, and he still finds immense joy in nature.

Still, events beyond his control necessitated that he leave his homeland.

Samwell was surprised to see Rio in his hometown after returning there a few years later since he no longer had a connection to it.

The formerly forested area is now a wasteland due to the removal of all trees.

Every day, he was confined to the role of observer, and the things he saw would have been difficult to process for anybody.

In light of what she had seen, the wife suggested to her husband that he try to restore the forest, and he agreed.

The group began the process of planting the first seeds in December of 1999, marking the beginning of a significant change.

They planted approximately 300 varieties of trees to restore the local forest.

During their twenty-one-year project, the pair planted nearly two million trees around Brazil. Their aim was to restore the country’s natural beauty.

As a result, the new forest became home to a wide variety of animals. That includes those who will probably disappear soon. That must be a very kind act on their part.

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