In honor of the man who saved his life, a pingouin makes the annual 8,000-kilometer journey to pay his respects

To find the man who saved his life, the small pingouin must journey 8,000 kilometers, or almost a year. As a result of this fantastic news, the general public is apologizing profusely.

In a time when humanity and animal rights are under assault, it is encouraging to hear this uplifting story. The likelihood of this happening again so soon, if it did in fact occur, is quite low.

However, this has really taken place. In 2011, a Brazilian grandmother named Joo Pereira saved a baby monkey that had been wedged in a crevice on a rocky outcrop near the beach.

It was obviously a joke due to the penguin’s baldness and grease.

He helped save his new friend, whom he named Tintin. Joao fed this peculiar bird his own food as he raised it.

When Joo Pereira no longer needed Tintin’s help, he tossed him back into the sea, apparently assuming she wouldn’t go for him.

After a few months had passed, the pingouin came back to the shore and saw his human friend again.

Tintin now spends half his reproductive year in Chile and the other half in the Pereira area. This is why he logs around 8,000 nm of travel annually. All who hear it will be touched and surprised.

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