In an effort to boost employee morale, an office has taken in two rescue kittens

Small transportation firm in Columbus, Ohio, had no clue that a plan to raise morale in the workplace would become viral on the web.

Adopting two kittens from a shelter to join the six other members of the team was part of the plan.

A video of the kittens playing with a box recorded by one of the workers rapidly went viral, making the duo an Internet phenomenon.

Things might seem stale and routine when you spend your days in the same workplace and do the same tasks over and over again.

In order to maintain a positive work environment, they decided to hire/rescue two cats.Playing with boxes keeps the kittens busy throughout the day.

Best buddies from the beginning, they also like cuddling up together.

Because their office has just six people, one of them has a cat allergy, but she doesn’t appear to notice.

They enjoy weekend visits for snuggles and playtime in the workplace, which is equipped for their safety.

This is a terrific concept, and I think there should be a lot more of it.

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