In an effort to be regarded as a couple, best friends refuse to stop touching one other

It’s safe to say that James and Samba have always been best friends. They were always together, and the two strays seemed to like it that way.

If only they could find a place to call home and get off the streets, they’d be set for life.

In the end, one day their chance presented itself, and they didn’t let it pass them by.

My best friend just moved into a brand new home, and within the first week of moving in, they had an unexpected visitor on their porch.

A permanent home was found for them by my sister, who took them in temporarily. «The gentle, soft black one» would «start rushing into my arms with James» whenever Cole went to visit, he added.

«Their arms would wrap around each other, and they’d gaze at me with such love in their eyes.» It seemed as though their little heads were all connected, moving in unison in response to my every word.

Both cats were brought inside by Cole when he finally gave in. «They were like night and day,» I said, «yet they couldn’t exist without each other.»

The two adorable animals caressed each other every day, grateful for their safe haven.

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