In 1965, the oldest contestant was 74 years old

Aged 74, Apasra Hongsakula has made a name for herself in the Thai entertainment industry. At the age of 18, she was chosen to represent her country in the world’s largest beauty contest in 1965.

This young lady won the university’s beauty contest and went on to become Thailand’s first true beauty queen. After that, she tried out for Miss Universe.

The competitors took the world-famous competition very seriously and worked hard to prepare for it. The impact of the incident was felt throughout the globe.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the queen of Thailand is advising the candidate. Judges and the audience took notice of Apasra despite the fact that she didn’t speak English very well and was noticeably shorter than the other participants. 1.64 m.

With her poise and beauty, she charmed everyone she met.  The girl won the title and gained widespread fame completely by surprise. She was the perfect bride in every way: beautiful, smart, and backed by the monarchy.

The young lady eventually wed a cousin of the monarch. Before she was married, Apasra worked as an ambassador for her culture.

The Thai beauty’s romantic life fizzled out. Her son wed a royal family member, although they later divorced. Once again, the woman’s second marriage did not last, although it did result in the birth of a son.

As a result of her family issues, Apasra Khongsakula had to take time away from her employment and her normal activities, but this did not dampen her spirit.

She retains her regal status and power. The spa she runs in Bangkok is also co-owned by Raymond Weil. Her grandkids made her a grandmother, but no one can believe it by looking at her.

The secrets to eternal youth and beauty, according to Miss Universe, are discipline, diet, and routine. She takes care of herself by getting plenty of rest, eating healthily, working out often, and regularly treating herself to facials.

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