«I’m still pinching myself day to day,» says the lady who has realized her lifelong dream by constructing the little home of her imagination

Even while many people envision the perfect home for themselves as children, not all of them will be able to actually have it built or even own it when they grow up.

Tyshae, now 32, was able to build her ideal little home and abandon her old life to move in.

Since she was a kid, Tyshae had dreamed of settling down in a modest home. Even though they had a huge house, she realized that she would benefit more from a smaller place where she could have her own room.

At the tender age of twelve, she was taken with a mobile cottage. As she matured, she became more focused on her career and no longer prioritized her childhood dream.

When she discovered a quaint residential area not far from Dallas, Texas, it was like a dream come true. She contacted Indigo River Tiny Homes to get their help with their downsizing ideas.

Tyshae may now own the cozy cottage of her dreams. It’s considerably smaller than what she’s accustomed to, but it’s got everything she needs—including a balcony, something she’s never had before!

«If I could talk to my 12-year-old self, she would be absolutely ecstatic. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that what’s happening is really happening.

Tyshae said, «It’s astonishing how powerful the mind is, since the way I saw it when I was 12 years old is genuinely here.

There’s a couch and TV in the living room, so even if the house is small, you can still relax in comfort. Similarly, her bathroom is spare, with just of the necessities such a sink, toilet, shower, mirror, and shelf.

Tyshae’s little home may have cost $85,000, but she claims it was money well spent since she is finally realizing a long-held dream.

«Overall, if you’re thinking about this lifestyle, even if it’s just minimizing yourself in general, I would just really push you to do it.

Simply, I would suggest that they weigh their wants against their needs. Maybe you want to downsize to an RV or a van,» Tyshae said.

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