If all girls could play with Disney’s princesses, they would feel more accepted

No of your age, the Disney Princesses may act as role models for your child. They sent back images for a while, but they weren’t really fascinating and mostly featured white females.

Disney has developed dolls based on its most famous princesses with a range of skin tones to encourage diversity and give a more authentic reflection of society.

Tiana from «The Princess and the Frog,» Moana from «Moana,» and Halle Bailey as «Ariel» from «The Little Mermaid» are new additions to the American animation powerhouse (both of whom are actresses).

Régis and Kahran Bethencourt, owners of Creative Soul Photography, received a recent phone call from Walt Disney Studios.

Before then, the two creatives had been exchanging images of cute tiny black girls dressed as Disney’s most famous princesses.

The business saw their individual merits and unbounded vigor, and so it made a surprising offer of collaboration. To attract a wider audience, Disney has reinterpreted Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel in the context of African art and culture.

Clothed in modern takes on vintage styles that include ethnic fabrics, patterns, and accessories, the dolls have actual hair.

The two photographers hope that their initiative will inspire young black girls and provide a message to them that they, too, can be princesses.

On February 3, guests of the Disney Store, Disney Parks, and Disney.com will be able to purchase dolls from the Disney Princess x Creative Soul collection.

There’s a chance you may get one for €55 if you wait for a discount.

For those who may have forgotten, not long ago we featured a gallery of eight photographs depicting black women’s hairstyles from the twentieth century, all of which were captured by the talented photographers at the Creative Soul Photography studio.

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