«I am 22, and my spouse is 35 years older,» the student said when asked why she was engaged to a retiree

Without much hesitation, the 22-year-old student picked a guy 35 years her senior as her fiancé.

This choice was met with such vocal opposition from the girl’s loved ones that she felt compelled to film a lengthy video explaining why she was still planning to marry him.

James and Brightney first met at a casino. Towards the conclusion of the party, the attractive student placed an unusually large order for a casino: nine sandwiches. James asked the student out for breakfast, and she accepted his offer.

The guy seemed to have won Brightney’s heart after taking her out to a nice dinner where he showed her nothing but courtesies.

After Brightney agreed to meet again, the two developed into a committed couple. They’ve been together for 14 months so far, despite the frequent criticism they get.

Apparently, I choose James only because of his financial stability. Yes, he did give me a Maserati, but that’s beside the point. The most important thing is that James is a kind guy. According to Brightney.

James feels certain that the student picked him for reasons related to his character.The guy does not deny giving the one who is picked money. But he sees this as perfectly normal.

Still, James has to deal with some little hassle because of his daughters’ opposition. In their opinion, the only thing that drew Brightney in was the cash.

It’s likely that the pair will soon tie the knot. The criticism of loved ones is something they probably won’t be able to avoid.

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