Hero For 15 hours, Rottweilers rescued an elderly stranded on a school field by a chilly wind and a shivering wind

The Rottweiler breed is often seen as violent, yet in reality, these dogs are kind and may even be heroes. Recently, a Rottweiler family rescued an elderly lady who had been disoriented on a school field.

They decided to take their four Rottweilers out for a stroll on a chilly night in January with David and his nephew. Jack.Because of the antagonistic behavior of his neighbors, David is forced to walk his dogs at night.

So, it was about 1 AM when the dogs racing into the field halted close to the bushes and began barking until David reached the school playing field, whose doors were thankfully open.

There is a good chance that they have discovered something. In no time at all, David and Jack discovered an elderly, shivering lady.

She seemed to have been disoriented and was unable to find her way out, spending the better part of 15 hours sitting there. She was shivering in her skin.

Dogs began to lick the elderly lady, refusing to leave her until her owner came.

She was really fortunate that she was discovered by dogs, since she may not have survived if she hadn’t been saved.

David sent an ambulance, and the wounded woman was transported to the local hospital by the paramedics.

Later, David learned that the elderly woman had gotten off the bus at the wrong stop and ended up wandering about the city for hours.

Thank you to the brave dogs that helped save her life, we can only hope that she will soon recover and be able to resume her normal existence.

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