Her reaction to the beach was astounding the first time she went

Only Pumpi had made it out of the horde of feral cats unscathed. They had no intention of keeping any of them at first, but ended up taking in Pumpi and his brother Moustachio nonetheless.

Unfortunately, they were unable to release them at the appropriate time.

A slight instance of hypoplasia was found in Pumpi’s family throughout his childhood. However, he never allows it to get in the way of his ability to move fluidly or get significant insight.

In general, Pumpi enjoys spending time outside with his loved ones.

Because he’d been doing so much rock climbing and kayaking, his mother and sister thought it would be fun to take him to the water.

Pumpi seemed like he was having a great time as he swam in the water and played on the beach until the wind picked up.

That’s when his family discovered that the experienced feline was not a fan of the air at all.

He returned to the ocean side on a regular basis after that.

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