Her fantasy came true, and she was ecstatic

When it was discovered in Perth, Australia, an eight-year old cat was spotted wandering the streets. She was quiet, reserved, and tended to look away from you when you spoke to her.

As a result of this, she was taken to a nearby shelter by a group of kind individuals.

A new home was found for the cat quickly, and she was transported the next day. A volunteer girl picked her up and drove her home.

Shiba was first apprehensive about the new environment and stayed hidden under the bed, coming out only to feed.

It wasn’t easy at first, but she soon realized that everyone here was just trying to do the best they could for her.

As soon as it sensed safety, the cat transformed into something we had never seen before.

Her demeanor was warm and welcoming.

It was only natural for her to snuggle up to her new owner, so she got onto her lap and purred her heart out.

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