Guerlain has came out with a new fragrance in stunning, if pricey, packaging reminiscent of Matisse’s paintings

Jean-Matthieu Matisse, the great-grandson and namesake of the artist, now manages the family company and has worked with the renowned perfumer Guerlain to create a fragrance in his name.

From the very beginning, Guerlain’s goal has been to present the works of artists who have had a global impact over the course of millennia.

In the past, the French firm has released perfumes named after French artists Pierre Soulages and Auguste Rodin.

She revived Le Flacon aux Abeilles, a perfume bottle she had first developed in 1853, to draw more notice to the French painter’s talents.

It’s true that Astrid de Chaillé meticulously recreated the glass bottle.

She found inspiration from Henri Matisse’s 1939 picture La Musique, which features two ladies, one of whom is plucking a guitar, standing in front of a philodendron (to be discovered at the conclusion of the article).

Couleur Bonheur, an eau de perfume by Guerlain, is inspired by the vitality of Henri Matisse’s paintings and has enticing and delicious scents.

This is a high-end perfume, thus not everyone can buy it. There were just 14 of the 1,782-euro per bottle editions made.

The bottle will be sent in a wooden crate in homage to the time-honored practice of protecting and transporting priceless artwork in this way. In order to learn more, go to Guerlain’s official website.

This one-of-a-kind perfume is reminiscent of a product from the French firm Astier de Villatte, which was designed to evoke a scent from ancient Egypt and is 3,500 years old.

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