Grandma is 102 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying a delicious lobster dinner now and again

Jennifer, affectionately known as «Jinny» by her friends and family, is a fiercely independent lady. This lady has worked on lobster boats for 90 years, which is a major milestone for her.

Since she was a youngster, the elderly woman has had a deep love and respect for sea life.

Her childhood dream home was just next door to the new house she and her husband purchased after their marriage.

They planted roots, had children, and enjoyed a productive life together. Jinny had a good fishing career despite the fact that she did not begin fishing until she was eight years old.

To make ends meet, his family had to go on perilous lobster fishing trips and sell their harvest to local eateries.

She also makes no secret of the fact that baked lobster rolls served on toast are her favorite seafood dish.This brave centenarian understands the importance of making the most of each day.

But, ever since she made that choice, the worldview she accepted has been a solid foundation on which she can always depend.

She’s fantastic, but she’s also a strong and self-assured female leader. Despite the fact that her age and health make continuing to work dangerous, she plans to do so for as long as she can.

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