For the sake of privacy, a cat called Kane will hide in every nook and cranny of the house

People nickname him «Kane» since he wants to be alone and to hide in every conceivable location.It doesn’t matter to the cat since he has the delusion that no one is staring at him.

Kane, a kitten, was discovered in a business warehouse. After the company party, a colleague decided to take the cat home with her.

Now Kane has a new owner! As a result, the cat has been able to thrive in the presence of loving people and a canine friend.

Despite his hesitant exterior when meeting new people, he quickly warms up and enjoys chatting with strangers.He prefers spending time alone to observe his environment despite his outgoing nature.

In addition, he regularly hides everywhere he may move around. Even though Kane already enjoys hiding in plain sight, the feline is oblivious of one little detail.

While hiding, he constantly makes certain that no one can see him.

Despite Kane’s eccentricities, his owners are aware that he only has this one special ability or trait.

They know that he will soon reappear and demand attention again. However, it’s such a bizarre habit!

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