For his work in finding homes for 1,300 strays, a little boy of seven was chosen «Kid of the Year.»

To far, the now-seven-year-old child has rescued more than 1,300 animals, starting when she was only four years old and focusing on dogs.

He was given a $20,000 incentive by the prestigious group so that he may keep working toward his goal.

Ronnie says, «It’s important to me that the dogs I take care of find the perfect home, and I do all I can to make that happen.»

«I feel that many more young individuals should follow my footsteps,» the writer continues.

In order to save homeless canines in Texas, the young guy established Project Freedom Ride.

At the age of four, Ronnie asked that, in lieu of presents, his family make a contribution to a shelter for lost dogs.

Ronnie’s mother is there to cheer him on. They transferred thirty dogs from animal shelters.

The boy and his mom have now saved several additional species.Conversely, saving strays of dogs is an expensive endeavor.

We need money for gas, vet bills, food, and lodging while we wait for permanent homes.

Ronnie’s optimistic outlook leads him to put in long hours pursuing his goal. Regardless, he is just a normal young man.

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