Find out which cat breeds correspond to each sign of the zodiac

Cats of various breeds may appear and act differently than you’d expect, despite widespread perception to the contrary.

Considering your horoscope, which feline breed would be the best fit for you? The probable response is negative, but we’ll attempt to answer your question anyhow.

Aries is the Siberian 1.

The Arian personality is defined by boundless vitality, confidence, and determination. We need an animal with the strength of a cat.

It’s a great idea to get Aries a Siberian cat as soon as possible. True to form, they behave like excited children again, dashing about the house and playing with their treasured possessions.

Behind LaPerm, Bull took second place.

Since bulls are primarily tactile learners, they are attracted to LaPerms because of their eagerness to explore their environment.

Siamese cats seem to pique the interest of Geminis.

The sign of Gemini is often regarded as the most verbose. Communication is one of their strengths. The Siamese is the noisiest breed of cat in the world, perfect for those who like the sound of a cat wailing in the middle of the night.

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