Everyone who has ever had a cat has made some of the same basic blunders

Many people who want to bring a cat into their homes do so on the false assumption that such a simple animal doesn’t need special treatment.

However, that’s not the case. Even seasoned owners make rookie pet-keeping blunders once in a while. Because of this, certain felines may develop regrets.

As a precaution, I’d want to have a conversation with you today about:

1 You clean the cat: It’s true that some dogs become nervous when their owners bathe them; imagine how cats feel!

Animals maintain their cleanliness by licking constantly. You may be wondering what to do if the cat has been covered in muck. It’s best to use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

Second, you only feed them dry kibble. Dry kitty chow isn’t enough to keep a cat full for long. Wet food should be part of your pet’s regular diet, and you should feed it to him many times daily.

A higher water content means better health for your kidneys. However, since cats consume dry food throughout the day, giving it up entirely is not a good idea.

Some foods are naturally heavy in carbohydrates, and if you forget about your bowl all day long, you’re nearly guaranteed to overeat.

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