Every puppy that was taken away from this dog was licked by it

The abandoned pit bull dog, now known as «Rainbow,» failed to win anyone’s heart despite the change in name.

He had learned to be wary and skeptical from a life on the streets, but then something occurred that even he, a very clever animal, could not have seen coming.

A storm with record rainfall slammed California only 48 hours after she gave birth to her babies.

The Rainbow tried to save her young tsutsiks by hiding them in the woods, but the family’s prospects of survival were low. It was difficult for me to put my faith in other people.

In the last several months, she has been seen many times by locals, who have offered food and shelter. However, the canine in question always escaped.

A storm rolled in, and rescuers responded to an emergency call, but it took them a while to find out where she and the pups had taken refuge.

Now it was time to win over LArc-en-ciel, who might have given up out of habit but instead stuck by the pups. ¿ To what extent will he fight, attack, or just go to sleep?

However, the weasel and some food proved to be all that was promised.The rescue effort yielded a thin, care-dependent but otherwise healthy mother dog and eight adorable pups.

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