Even though he was on his way to scatter his grandmother’s ashes, he stopped to save a dog from drowning

A. Raden Soemawinata To do this, he had traveled to Melbourne’s Brighton Pier. There are a lot of people that feel bad for him. In his company, the day progressed differently.

Top13.net claims that while bidding farewell to a loved one, he ended up saving theirs.

As its owner watched, a Maltese-shih tzu jumped from the pier and into the water. Bibi was so little that he was blown off the pier and into the harbor waters. Sue Drummond was worried about her cat falling into a body of water.

It’s Soemawinata’s tireless work, for sure. When he plunged into the water, he was just wearing a shirt and some pants. Drummond and the others gathered around him waited expectantly.

To help Bibi out of the water, Soemawinata stepped in. After discovering her new small pet, Drummond instantly fell in love with him.

If there was one thing she knew for sure, it was that she had no clue what was going to happen. If she caves in to Bibi’s demands, their relationship will end.

After Soemawinata went, everything changed. It’s possible that Bibi, the little puppy, didn’t make it.

It’s not a coincidence that Soemawinata is celebrated as a hero today. He paid attention and did something about it. The dog’s owner praised his fast thinking.

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