During the holidays, Richard Gere surprised audiences by making an appearance as «the hero of our childhood turns 73.»

«We’ve seen him grow up and now he’s 73 years old and still our hero.» Gere, 73, has recently been stunning onlookers with his appearance. Our generation’s hero is 73 years old.

Our childhood idol Richard Gere is now 73 years old, proving that time moves faster than the speed of light.

Evidently, time moves quickly if Richard Gere has reached this ripe old age. Many of the fans were shocked to finally see the famous actor again after all these years.

Even his most ardent followers were quick to point out that he had evolved away from their original liking.

My motivation growing up, Comments like «What a fantastic movie star,» «I can already see his gray hair,» and «Time is practically bleeding» have been said about him.

The following are only a few of the ways in which he has been described by others.

People use phrases like «has not lost her charm» and «his young companion looks like his daughter» when describing her. Similar claims have been made in the past.

Tell me about your thoughts about the famous actor. Was there a noticeable change in him since you last saw him?

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