Dog mother prevents her youngster from going into a drain. She took bold action to assist him

The love of a mother surpasses all other feelings and forms of devotion. It’s safe to assume that any mother would do anything for the sake of her children.

Even if it means risking their own lives.

A mother golden retriever was seen in northern China holding her baby up by the ear as he climbed so that he wouldn’t tumble into a ditch.

It’s adorable to watch the small dog struggle to get out of the ditch he fell into and then try to climb out. The mother realizes what’s happening and rushes to her child, quickly determining the safest way to save him.

As the stream water begins to run under the dog, it appears to panic and makes a determined effort to reach higher ground. As he clings to the ground, waiting for his mother to save him, his tail wags wildly.

She looks at him and evaluates the situation, then cautiously moves her paws forward to keep him from falling into the ditch.

When she’s settled in, she’ll turn her head to one side and grab her puppy by the ear with her teeth.

After that, with his brothers looking on, she gently leads him to cover.

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